Michigan Maijuana Contractor

Michigan Marijuana Contractor
We are a team of licensed contractors that designs and builds  medical marijuana dispensaries & cultivation facilities in Metro Detroit.


metro detroit marijuana Dispensary design & build services

  • As more and more Michigan cities are allowing retail dispensaries, it is critical that you design your dispensary space for security, maximize every inch for use and a beautiful visual.  Think Starbucks. Think Apple Store.  Make your dispensary stand out from all the competition. 
  • From hardwood floors, counters, security installations, building safe-rooms to ADA complaint bathrooms - our licensed professionals do it all and do it fast. 
  • Our construction manager will work with your architect and design consultant to get your dispensary design implemented.
  • All permits and zoning requirements are handled by our construction management team. You focus on your passion. Leave the red-tape to us. 

Marijuana Cultivation Facility Build services

  •  Our construction manager will work with your architect or facility build-out consultant to get their cultivation facility design implemented in Michigan. 
  • Electrical, plumbing, HVAC and all hardware installations (grow, lights, water, nutrients) are completed by licensed professionals. All workers are insured and sign confidentiality agreements. 
  • All permits and buildout requirements are handled by our construction management team working hand in hand with your architect and design team. 
  • Our construction managers deliver weekly updates and project management status reports to all principals: management, architect and facility buildout design team.
  • A grow facility is a capital intensive startup. Work with a team that knows how to navigate the permit and building red tape in Michigan municipalities especially when it comes to marijuana cultivation facilities and get your facility up and running quickly.
  • For City of Detroit facilities: Detroit just opted in to MMFLA. We have done hundreds of real estate residential and commercial buildouts in Detroit. Over the years we have build good relationships within the City of Detroit which enable us to find answers quickly to any issue that might come with up, solve it and continue moving forward.


  • Call us at 248-897-3121 or use the contact form below to schedule a phone call so we can learn more about your Michigan facility or dispensary project.
  • Schedule conference call with our project manager, you, your architect and facility buildout design team.
  • Our project manager will visit your site if you have already access to the real estate that you are planning to lease and buy. 
  • Architect and site design team will deliver their plans to our team.
  • Prepare budget for the buildout. 
  • Develop timelines for the project with a construction buildout schedule. 
  • Client approves budget and construction schedule.
  • We will submit site plans to the respective municipality to get approval. 
  • Our teams start the buildout construction. 
  • Detailed weekly updates are sent by our project manager to client, architect and facility design team.
  • Project is completed. Final inspection done and passed by the local municipality.
  • Hand over the facility to your operations team. 

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Call 248-897-3121 (9am-6pm EST) or use the form below so when we talk on the phone, our project manager has a better understanding of your project requirement. 


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